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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
Hahahaa... that's cool. Yep, Leberkäse is very Bavarian and very tasty!

I've been meaning to update this thread with more awesome places to visit. Haw was this last stay of yours ? That Ferrari looks awesome!!

I haven't elaborated because I've been to the same places as always. I'm always landing at Sunday night and fly back at Wednesday evening. Out of this 72 hours visit, I drive with the car during late morning till late noon in two of the days without stopping at all.
I need to be in Germany for a different type of trip to be able to elaborate some more
The gtc4lusso is a very good car but not what am I looking for. I'll be rude and say that I enjoy my M2 more than the gtc4lusso. Don't get me wrong, gtc4lusso is a much better car than the M2 all over but if I try to compare only by how fun it is to drive in a twisty roads, I'll take the M2 in any given day.

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