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Auto Talent :'(

I have read a lot of positive reviews on this retailer here. I'd like to share my very negative experience in dealing with Golan and Auto Talent:

They pulled a bait and switch. I believe that they've intentionally left the product that I ordered on their site so that they can execute this sales tactic. That product, btw, is still listed for sale on their site.

I ordered the CSF 8075R Heat Exchanger. They were one of a few sites that had it listed for sale and the only one showing it in stock. I thought I'd gotten lucky!

The day after my order, I received a call from Golan. This is where things start to go sideways. He tells me that the manufacturer no longer produces the part I've ordered (true), tells me it won't be possible to find the one I want (also true from what I can tell), and tells me the regular version is sufficient enough for my purposes (probably true, but 10% more cooling would have been great!). He offers to replace the part I've ordered with the (somewhat inferior, but available) part 8057. I was told that they are the same price.

They do indeed sell them both at the same price. He didn't exactly lie there, but it was somewhat misleading. If you search, there are a few places selling this part for less. Not just $10-20 less, that I could live with. I actually found it for $121 less. That's a sizable difference! Unfortunately, because I was on the phone and with a customer when Golan called, I didn't have the ability to research. To be honest, I forgot it even happened, til the item arrived at my door.

As I'm carrying it in, I think about the fact that I didn't actually check the price on this thing. A quick search is performed and I see a clearer picture. No problem, I think, I'll just pop them an email. Must be a mistake on their end? The reply I got from Golan was unsettling and I instantly knew this situation had been engineered.

The response was basically "too bad, so sad, go away now". When I countered that I could simply refuse delivery of the package and file a chargeback, the attitude was "Good luck, I'm confident we will win!"

They did not win. The item is on its way to them and my money will be returned in full. If you're considering purchasing from them, I'd do so with caution. Businesses that treat customers this way are not built to last.

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