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Originally Posted by AlpineWhite_SJ View Post
The key phrase here is "if you search" and you admit you didn't do so before agreeing to move forward with the proposed replacement part. Their price is the same as a lot of the well known sites like BimmerWorld, Turner Motorsports, Pelican and Summit Racing. Perhaps if you took the time for them to respond before making threats you would have gotten a better outcome. Demanding a price match because you didn't do your homework isn't something I'd consider a negative on the shop. That's your bad and you didn't handle it well IMHO.
I do admit I did not search. As stated, I was with a client at the time I received the call and completely forgot about it til the item arrived. I do accept partial blame for the situation. I was 100% willing to work something out with them. The response I received made me far less willing, but even after that, I did tell them outright that I was interested in coming to terms that were agreeable for everyone.