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Originally Posted by Justin.AutoTalent View Post
May be biased since I work here, but don't handle any of the online retail transactions from the website..... Based on the timeline of things, you received a response that you did not like and ran straight to our Facebook page to comment and leave a bad review. Followed by further retaliation by email and then another review here. Given the amount of volume that the 3 of us deal with (Sam, Golan, and I), we all try to respond timely and efficiently even if it's after hours and or on weekends. We always try our best to give a fair solution if it's within our means. As stated in the email and in the comments above, there were multiple retailers selling the same part at the same price. It isn't our fault that you didn't do further research on finding a better price before you agreed to purchase. If you had handled the situation in a more polite manner + tried to work things out with us beforehand, rather than immediately accusing us of fraud + leaving negative reviews on multiple channels - maybe we could have come to a solution.
It seems your company has no ability to accept responsibility for any part in this. Perhaps that is how we got here?

Explain this timeline to me, because you certainly are not right in your assessment.