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Originally Posted by mrkhanna16 View Post
Im disappointed in the power....AMG here I come
Originally Posted by 09BlkSapphire View Post
Was wondering when the first e90/e92 M3 owner would chime in with disappointment and start yelling AMG this, Porsche that.

That extra 100 pounds of torque will leave your car behind. Have fun in your AMG
I think it is a bit premature to think like this ... why not wait for the final facts the engine I'm sure has NOT yet received the final green light.

Jason clearly stated

"(although keep in mind that everything is subject to change by the time the model hits production)".

Originally Posted by tuna_hp View Post
Really? The upcoming C63 AMG is rumored to use the same twin turbo 5.5L V8 as their larger cars. Which means that it will be stupidly front-heavy.

As far as this news, I'm surprised that BMW kept the displacement at 3.0L. I remember an interview with the US M brand managers posted on bimmerpost a while back where they regretted building the current M5/M6 with the same 4.4L displacement as the 50i engine, claiming that it misled people into believing that they were identical or very similar engines. I think most people expected BMW to bore out the I6 to ~3.2L if only to better differentiate from the standard I6 engine while conveniently hinting at the old E46 M3 I6.

Another weird issue is that the new modular I3/4/6 engine platform that BMW has started building (including the N20 and all the 1.5L I3 engines that have been in the news) is designed for up to 75hp/cylinder. They have already proven that out with the 220hp 3 cylinder that is going i8 car. This would mean that using standard components from this new modular platform, BMW should easily be able to build a ~450hp 3.0L I6 engine. Why heavily modify the outgoing version when a newer, more efficient, more powerful, and presumably cheaper alternative is readily apparent?

Still, 415hp/395tq is plenty of power for a RWD, front engine car of this weight class. At a certain point, more power mostly just means more wheel spin. At that point you either need to put more weight over the rear wheels or switch to AWD to be able to do anything useful with the extra power.
I have a feeling it will be close to the e46 weight ratio and that be super. As for engine size and rated HP let's just all wait I say
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