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Originally Posted by inti View Post
Is there some proper review of these rims?
I see a lot of pictures, but nobody is talking about the build quality, strenght, pot hole hits etc....
Are BC forged good quality or they just look & sound cool, since they're "forged"?


Also, one of my biggest questions is: Why do BC Forged and Z Performance share the same models? Is there the same factory in the background? Did anyone else noticed the similarities between these two wheel makers?

Cant comment about z performance and if they share same models.
But i can speak of the quality. I have the RS43 in 19" and they are amazing. They are very light for the size, couple pounds lighter then the stock 437m. Finish is excellent on matte gunmetal with no imperfections. When i swapped to a new tire i was there when they got road force balanced and they were straight as an arrow. Not even a MM of hop or wobble. I was surprised and the shop owner who was mounting them was surprised as well, he said they are the straightest rims he has seen. They also balanced out very nicely and road force readings were very low meaning there will be no vibrations when driving.

I've hit lots of potholes and no issues. I did hit a small curb or pothole sideways a bit which scratched the lip of the wheel and it became slightly out of round. About 3mm hop but it was quite an impact to be honest and ive bent stock wheels much worse with less impacts.