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Originally Posted by Mike@VAC View Post
Interesting. One of the guys at VAC worked at ( huge mustang company) before joining us. He has been racing BMWs since he was a kid and he currently owns an e30M3 race car and e46 touring. He also races our shop e36 and e46 track cars. He has had our 620hp, Brembo and Nitron triple adjustable e92 on track a few times as well. Very good shoe.

So, when working at AM he took a new GT and Boss out on the track quite a few times. He maintains that a Mustang GT will absolutely hang with the e92M on a track assuming drivers are equal. He feels the Boss would def have a solid advantage. One guys opinion, but a credible one in my opinion.

The new Mustang should def have a nice advantage over the e9x M on track. M4? We will see!

Side note: the Boss302 has a 7500 rpm redline. With a tune many people are running them to 8200. The 302R has a factory 8400 rev limit. 11:1, 444 hp, 4 cam variable timing etc etc. Its an amazing and deadly reliable engine.

I can't wait to drive the new Mustang!

The Boss 302 has beaten the E92 M3. The Mustang GT however could only do well on a short track where the M3 struggles due to its high revving engine. So if your friend races ask him what kind of track because anyone who races and is honest will tell you that while a car can dominate one track does not mean they can dominate all. If i remember correctly the GT did well on a 2.3 mile track but flops on a 4.10 mile vs the M3. The M3 is going to struggle against the GT on small tracks because the low end torque allows the Mustang to keep up and or go faster. On a Larger track the M3 super suspension will allow it to stay with in its power band and bled less speed where it is faster in the corners.

Another good car that is a great example of this is the RS5. On small tracks that car sucks but get it on a big track and it smoke an M3. Infact all it needs to cure its understeer issues is a bigger rear sway bar....

What is interesting is most who track find the 302 annoying because the way the transmission is geared. you are constantly shifting while with a GT you can reach 70 in second gear if it doesnt have the track pack. The Track Pack is terrible due to gear ratios which i will allow Motortrend to get into.

Sad thing is why would your waste money on a Mustang when a 1LE or a ZL1 will annihilate all of them.

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