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Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
They said that about the M5/M6. People are still getting CELs and limps after a couple years with the tunes/downpipes. Do you know that BMW changed the ECUs to prevent aftermarket tuning? And do you think BMW is going to make tuning this M3/4 easier or harder than the M5/6's which are still not figured out?? Ain't gonna happen for looooooonnnnnnggggggggg time.

And you are wrong, the n54 was simple to crack. Boost could be changed from the factory profile of 8psi tapering to 6psi, to 18psi tapering to 12psi with a simple $5 resistor...and air/fuel and knock would compensate. It took a few hours to figure out. I know because I had one of the first 335's in North America back in 2006 and tossed a resister on it the first day I owned it and then had my buddy Shiv (Vishnu) put on the Xede (predecessor to the Proceed) a couple days later.

I am glad that we are so good at time travel.

First it's pooping on a car no one has driven or tested.

Now it's dismissing the cars future tuning potential.

I am not claiming that tuning this car is going to be EASY or fast and speedy.

All I am saying is not just BMW, but in the tuning arena as a whole, it is always said how hard some next generation of ECU is going to be to crack. But it gets done.

Problems still with the M5/M6? Ok, does that mean it's always going to be this way?

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