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The N54, N55, and S55 are all 3.0 liter straight six BMW engines that are based on essentially the same design.

The S55 is rated at 120+ hp over the other engines. Displacement remains the same.

Much of the "easy" gains the N54 guys got with their cars is already being accounted for in the S55 as it runs much higher boost straight from the factory.

Anyone who is expecting to "unleash the beast" with a Cobb AP or JB4 like you would on a N54 is in for a rude awakening. The stock turbos are already working their ass off, and if you are in high elevations you are especially ****ed.

That said, I do expect to see a healthy aftermarket for catless midpipes and upgraded turbos for these cars. But I doubt many casual daily drivers are going to want to go that extreme. The good news is the internals are buffed-up so this engine won't suffer the atrocious heat-soak issues the N54/N55 cars do.