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Originally Posted by Ezio View Post
listen i post a few comments. and people keep quoting me, so i respond.

my whole thing is that i want to make sure everyone knows why BMW went with a S55 engine. i want to make it clear. because you have to many people coming thinking BMW went with a S55 because its "better" . when i know BMW would rather be making what they have made for years in M cars. if we can come to a agreement on that i would stop posting. the engine is to cost cut and get better MPG. ok? are we good?

with that said. there is a possibility i would get a M4. It depends on what the competition is going to make . if they are all going to put out small displacement 6 banger turbos. then i will have to get over this shit.

i love M cars. i really hope everything i say is wrong. i hope this car is going to sound really good and give a special feel to it. i like the price point of M cars also.
Your points are valid Ezio. The redundancy however, is obnoxious.

You're not getting the F80. You need an N/A high-revving V8 in your life - as anyone coming to this forum for F80/82 info has read several dozen times.
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