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Originally Posted by I am Earl View Post
I could have an opinion about all of the different types of BMWs and post in all sorts of forums here, but I don't. I drive an M3, I am considering buying the new M3, so I only post in E9X and F8X M3 forums. I don't go and post in the 335 forum. I could go to the 335 forum and say how boring the engine is and how the car hasn't changed for 8 years from a performance perspective, but my opinion is useless in that I have no intentions to buy the car. Who cares what I think about the 335, similarly who cares what someone who drives only a lexus SUV thinks about the new M3?

Why I say this is because if you don't own an M3 OR have no intentions to own one, it's impossible for you to understand what it means to own an M3. There are a lot of people here who own the M3 (like myself) for pure joy and driving feel. The steering, engine, exhaust note, flat torque curve, 8400 rpm is what made us buy an M3. We were never in it for pure performance numbers, we didn't care about how long it took for the car to reach to 60mph. If we cared, we'd get a different car to begin with. But you or others coming from cars like 135s or 335s feel differently because to you a car is all about tuning and performance numbers. That's why if you have that background and have no intention to buy the new car, your opinion is irrelevant.

On a side note, this applies to pretty much anything. I will never buy an android phone and I'm happy with my iphone, this doesn't mean I'm going to actively participate in forum threads about how bad the android is. What's the point? If I'm never going to buy it, who cares what I think about it?
One of the great joys of being a car enthusiast for over 30 years has been the endless debates with my friends, family, colleagues and others about the virtues of cars I will never own, either because I don't want one or can't afford one.

I think this applies to many/most of us on this forum.