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Originally Posted by aajami View Post
Let's everyone take a deep breath

I don't have time to look up the PNs now, but I'll do it later, though I'm almost certain that they will be different.

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LOL! I think I'm starting to talk over myself with all of the acronyms. I found myself re-reading what I posted and thinking, "What are you trying to say here?"

Originally Posted by KennyPowers View Post
Not true

Zcp was only available with edc shocks

I almost bought the shocks and had oem edc. The part numbers were not the same

Anyway, let's get back to our regularly scheduled program of arguing about the s55 and s65 and bashing earl and ezio

What I'm trying to say is that I've had M3's with EDC.....two that didn't have ZCP and one that did. I had to have the front passenger side EDC shock/module replaced on one of the non-ZCP cars, and I could have sworn that the part number was the same as that of my ZCP's EDC shocks. That's what I meant about the shocks on EDC cars being the same, ZCP or not. I might have transposed a number or something, so I could be wrong (..and I fully expect to be called on it....after all, it's the Bimmerpost way ).

I do agree though........

...back to bashing Ezio and Earl (...although I did start to sympathize with the latter a bit; he was tugging on my heart strings just a tad). It's much more fun than the technical drivel we all usually involve ourselves in when it comes to specs.