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Originally Posted by AnujS2K View Post
Sakhir M3 with aftermarket wheels (winter) and very dark tints at the Palisades Mall

On my way back into NJ, an AY M4 going in the opposite direction. Near Woodcliff Lake I believe.

I've seen only one other F8x in the wild and that was an F83 in Clifton about a month ago. May have been mineral grey or ssii, I don't remember
That was me! I head over there to the NYSC as often as I can after work for a bit and make sure to park as far away as humanly possible.

My tints are only 20% so they aren't even super dark. I was gonna put my stock wheels and tires back on this Sunday but seeing as we have a fresh 2 inches of snow I don't think waiting another week will hurt.

Is your car SS? Only ones I've seen so far were a YMB M3 that somebody got incredibly early last year and I've seen an SS M3 on route 59 and route 303 right around the Palisades mall twice now.

*Actually I also saw an AY M4 at a used car dealership right across from that mall for about 1 week. I was amazed such a place had one on a lot as early as December but I guess anything can happen. It was partially covered so it may have had some accident damage
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