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I wouldn't go as far as saying this validates the OEM strut capabilities quite yet, but excellent observation.. you make a great point. The factory warranty might be bullshit though as dealerships will try to deny anything being wrong with your struts if indeed something is up.

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Thanks. I read that on the SEMA post just now. This will have it's plus and minus's.

Plus sides:
This validates the OEM struts having the capability to handle up to a 25mm drop. It also leaves the cost impact to be "relatively" small; at least compared to a full coilover swap. Another plus is that it will have some sort of factory warranty (although I'm not sure if wear and tear of struts are covered under warranty). Which leads to the minus side of things...

Minus sides:
If wear and tear of struts aren't covered under warranty, then what is the difference between going with this and KW HAS or Dinan?

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