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To add a bit more color and consolidate information, you can buy either:

A. the "SH" refresh for $100. On used dealer cars, the option code is 301. Engine oil, engine filter, brake fluid, micro filter, air filter, spark plugs, remote battery, vehicle check. Goes through 3 years/36K miles. Very worth it considering the high cost of these.

B. the "MP" maintenance plan for $600. On used dealer cars, the option code is 302. This covers wear items like brake pads, brake rotors, windshield wipers, and rotors. Goes through 3 years/36K miles. Almost certainly not worth it unless you drive 100% city stop and go, or do enough track days that you'll need new brakes.

If you bought used car from a private party, or assumed a lease/did swap a lease on model year 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, etc., you can buy the refresh plan by talking to the finance office at a dealership. They may try to upsell you, or claim you still need to pay $700, but you can just opt for the $100 one. If you are encountering trouble in the great labyrinth of dealerships, what you could do is sit down at the desk, say fine, I'll get the $700 one, then you will notice when they hand you the paperwork that there are two separate line items. Then, you simply opt for the 301 / SH refresh for $100 and cross out the $600 one.

Further confirmation:

Amazingly, there are very few places where you can get this information and the exact price, probably less than 10 forum posts, so I figured this would help people find in search more.