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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
Extremely thorough analysis as usual, swamp.

Lately, I can't help but wonder if we won't see even less weight (less than your latest simulation), but also a bit less power too. BMW is doing a great job of keeping us guessing, that's for sure.
If BMW has choosen to focus R&D efforts and material/production cost mainly on weight reduction and not the engine I applaud them. Cars are IMO way to heavy today and not underpowered by any measure. If they read these blogs I hope they realize that they are doing the right thing if this is what they indeed are focusing on and not get desponded by all/only engine talk. A paradigm shift to end the hp war and start a weight reduction/handling war is what many of us want and are eagerly awaiting. As long as the engine is a good match and in balance with the rest of the car it doesn't need to rev. to the moon or put down monster power. It would be nice if it does but cars are built to cost and if they can save on the engine to build a lighter, tighter car that's a good thing in my book.