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Originally Posted by solstice View Post
Familiar or not you have physical laws and limitations. The details can be complex but the basics are relatively easy. At a certain pressure fuel of a specific octane rating self combust. 220 psi is about the highest I've seen and that is regarded quite extreme. The GT2RS as we discussed runs at 207. It's CR was lowered in relation to other Porsche TT cars to allow for the 23psi boost since boost is apparently milder than CR in the equation due to the cooling of the boosted air through inter coolers' don't ask me the details. I haven't studied them.

CR without boost is of no use. You can't say that just because one high CR car can be easily tuned all can. You got to look at the combination CR x Boost psi.

Show me a car/tune that continue to gain hp when exceeding +220 CR x psi on street gas and you'll change my view. The S55 is stock at 10.2 x 18 = 183.
And as shown in my previous post it's not inconceivable that the S55 only needs 1bar to achieve the 430hp, meaning that at the 183 number we could be well over 500hp at sea level etc. Leaving lots of room for even higher boost...