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End of Year Pricing?

What are your thoughts on buying now or waiting till the end of the year...

I see BMW Santa Maria which is 130 miles from Los Angeles has $8k and 9k+ off some of their cars M4's. The 9k off is stick not DCT.

Do you think that will hit some of the other dealerships this late December?

Im asking because I was gonna buy a used 2015 this weekend for 52k with 17k miles (Plus the USAA Warranty of 3k) which moves it to $55K or should I take a chance and maybe get a 2018 with a large discount off of a $72k car. I just want a DCT Stripper.

Lots of the dealerships in Los Angeles have like 15-20 M4 sitting on their lots.
Question is do you think I will have an opportunity to pick up at 2018 with a fairly large discount this late December?