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Originally Posted by MMMMM3 View Post
There's something fake about the feeling of a turbo car accelerating. I drive a golf v gti, and I love the acceleration, but it feels fake. When I drive my wife's Mazda 6, it doesn't accelerate as hard obviously, but it feels more real, immediate, and more enjoyable revving it to its redline. Turbo engines never rev as hard, or as high. Before the gti, I drove a 1994 model e36 318i, and later a 2000 Toyota mr2 spyder, and I loved revving both of them. I know the new M3 has to be a turbo car for fuel economy reasons, but don't tell me we all wouldn't love another NA M3.
There is nothing fake feeling about a ~450HP/TQ turbo engine. It will cave your chest in on acceleration.

The whole "turbo lag" argument is so overused by enthusiasts and journalists alike. Most high performance turbos, of reasonable displacement, made in the last 5 years or so, have no appreciable lag when driven properly.