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Originally Posted by mapezzul View Post
Nope- the F10 M5 is more communicative to the road than the outgoing model when in the proper settings. The M cars are using hydraulic steering still and feature direct bolted rear ends to the chassis. The base cars I will agree with but not the M models.

The F80 and F82 were given their own "F" codes as BMW M realized that they replaced or modified 80% of the F10 M5 so it would meet their requirements. 80% of a changed product is not the same product- they anticipated the same for the new M3/4 and requested separate internal codes for development.
Originally Posted by Singletrack View Post
Seriously! I mean consumer reports as an authority on driving feel? That is really hilarious.

I never got to beat on the e46 much, but I can say that my e92 has the best steering feel and road feedback of any car I've ever driven. That is one of the chief things that sold me on the car.

Numerous reviews (not only CR), particularly out of Europe have talked about losing communication with the road (ride, sound, steering feel, noise, etc) in all the new platforms (including the M5), which might not necessarily be a bad thing, if the avg consumer prefers more comfort/isolation/smoother ride. This may actually end up increasing sales/profits for BMW, in which case it would be an ultimately very good business decision. Just think that CR has best articulated some of the points raised by some of these "greater authorities". Sometimes its good to solicit and pay attention to all points of views and help eliminate natural biases brought about by the natural tendency for people to seek validation for decisions. And speaking of validation, CR have been huge fans of BMW driving dynamics vs the competition for the past decade. Ultimately, the only true "authority" is yourself and we'll see how all these cars drive when we drive them ourselves and make up our own minds.