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Having heard the sound of the new M5 turbo engine (massive disappointment compared to S85) and read numerous reviews of road testers complaining of the electric assisted steering, the new wave of M cars do not excite me at all. New M5 is far too heavy and therefore needs so much more power and torque than previous model and consequently more electronics to try and harness that power to the road. A vicous circle IMO and M, I feel, is going down the AMG route.

A NA engine is hard to beat when it comes to noise, throttle response and purity. I have a feeling that (for me) M cars are becoming too artificial and losing purity at the expense of lower CO2, all-round usability and ease of use.

BMW M need to focus on building cars with less weight and get a grip on how to make the steering more communicative with proper feel a la Lotus. Hopefully they'll also build more focussed models for the enthusiast rather than the fan boy poser.