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Originally Posted by DiavelM3
Originally Posted by Alpine F31 View Post
I'm with him on that. I LOVE the power, handling, looks etc of the Subaru WRX STi, but I absolutely HATE the exhaust sound and would never buy the car just because of that. People like what they like, respect that.
We respect it but most of us think it's a bit petty.
Especially if most of us tend to change to an aftermarket exhaust anyway (stating the obvious as I mention to the other guy)
If you think just changing to an aftermarket exhaust would make it sound like a V8, you're out of your mind.

People crave that sound (including me) and the new M3 will never get that using a 6-cyl, that's the choice they made, good for them. They just didn't factor in how much sound is important to car enthusiasts. Heck, the current stock exhaust is horribly quiet, shows how much they care about sound.

Too bad all it's competitors are making larger, more powerful V8s but BMW choses to aim at clients that wouldn't buy because of its average fuel efficiency. The M-line is already losing its race enthusiasts. This is a sports/race car for god's sake. I guess they're after money, it's a shame.

You'll never ever ever ever get that S65 high-pitched growl/roar from ANY 6 cylinder engine whether it boasts 300hp of 500hp.

I was looking forward to a V8 M model, I guess I'll stick to the E92 for my next car.