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Originally Posted by DiavelM3
Originally Posted by Gjm127 View Post
If you think just changing to an aftermarket exhaust would make it sound like a V8, you're out of your mind.
LOL!!!! Who said anything about changing the exhaust on this new M3\M4 Turbo V6 or I6 will make it sound like a V8? HAHAHA!!!!
I think you're completely misunderstanding all the comments.
Some people are saying they will NOT buy the new M3\M4 based off of the exhaust note on the "Prototype."
Others are commenting on that saying, it's petty to not buy a car just based off an exhaust note (especially on a prototype) but if that's a deal breaker for you, so be it - with respect.
I'm also saying, people "change" their exhaust anyway (stating the obvious).
NO ONE said changing the exhaust on the new car will make it sound like the a V8. Keep up sir!
I am keeping up, what I'm saying is no one can say ''Oh well, if it's not a V8, then I'll just slap on an aftermarket exhaust and that'll be the end of it'' because any 6-cyl engine is far far from being anywhere close to what a V8 sounds like no matter what you do.
I understood what you meant, sorry if I exagerated your comment. No worries!

I feel BMW needs to rethink their strategy here, they're really ignoring sound. To me and a lot of people on this forum, sound is extremely important. Think of it this way, people spend more than $2K just for better sound, why wouldn't BMW factor in sound when they make their damn decisions? Look at how any stock AMG car sounds like..