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Originally Posted by Gjm127 View Post
Too bad all it's competitors are making larger, more powerful V8s but BMW choses to aim at clients that wouldn't buy because of its average fuel efficiency. Keep in mind Audis S4 is a 6 cylinder supercharged and the new S5 has the same supercharged 6 cylinder.The M-line is already losing its race enthusiasts. This is a sports/race car for god's sake. I guess they're after money, it's a shame. Race car? It's not a Ferrari's a BMW 3 series at the end of the day....don't get me wrong I love BMW and I love the M3 but com on ....

You'll never ever ever ever get that S65 high-pitched growl/roar from ANY 6 cylinder engine whether it boasts 300hp of 500hp.

I was looking forward to a V8 M model, I guess I'll stick to the E92 for my next carF10 and F12/3 M6 are a great option for you perhaps...
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