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Originally Posted by Tacoma View Post
On the other hand, that S65 sucks gas like there's no tomorrow and some have said here in another thread they didn't buy it for that reason alone. I argued otherwise but they insisted that was the case.

And if the F80, besides having better fuel mileage, also handles better, accelerates faster and is lighter and more nimble, I can't see many who'd be interested in collecting an old gas guzzler that's inferior in all respects except for sound.
Very good points but there are other aspects to consider. Having more power or being able to corner faster doesn't necessarily make a car better, more complete or more fun to drive.

Also the emotion, purity and spontaneous response of a high-revving V8 with lovely induction sound may be of greater importance to some than the benefits of increase power and torque that a turbo engine will provide.

All these stats about numbers, are just that numbers. The key things are how does the car drive and how does it make you feel?

People keep posting about the loudness of the exhaust. It's a little bit about volume but the type of noise - a cacophony of sound in tandem with induction, is much more important. That cannot be changed by bolting on a different backbox.

If BMW M can engineer good steering feedback and improve the induction and exhaust noise so that it has 'soul', I'm sure the car will be a winner for people that care about driving. I just hope that it's fun to drive at low speeds as well as high speed.