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Originally Posted by m3alabama View Post
A HUGE, if not the biggest part of this experience is the sound of a car. That is the most aural factor a car provides as the sound sets off so many sensations in our body and mind, adding to the experience. The delivery of power is a close second which is why 8400 is so desirable. It may not be better than low torque, but it sure FEELS better to know you are revving a street engine to an rpm level that just shouldn't be possible.

To 90 percent the m3 is about more than its performance-its an experience. This is what tuned 335 guys don't get. I will concede day and night a tuned 335 kills the m3 in flat out speed and acceleration. I could care less because when I get behind the wheel of my m3, with high flow cats and a huge open intake leading out from the hood-looking at the tach go to 9k and listening to the exotic, raspy scream at 8400, while shifting with the most advanced dual clutch tranny-its an experience that goes way beyond being 4/10's of a second slower to 60 or whatever it may be.
I think you're onto something here. I don't take my car to the track, but every time I have the chance to take it from 6000-8400rpm, I get the biggest smile one could possibly imagine. As long as the new M can make me smile like that, I'm all in