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Originally Posted by index1489 View Post
Yep I'm thinking the lack of liners allowed them to increase the bore without lengthening the block.

I wonder if this is the same liner-less tech Ford came up with and is used on the GTR...
If not the exact same process, I am sure it is similar to PTWA, yes.

But that does nothing to explain away the fact that we'd still be either looking at only 1.4mm between bores (which is roughly 1/4 of what the GT500 engine has, for example), or we have a brand new BMW engine architecture for the first time in decades. Either would be a huge, shocking surprise as far as I am concerned.

One more thing: in the latter case is true, this engine is not an N55 derivative so why was BMW compelled to call it S55?

I can't make any of this add up in my head. I remain very curious to know the detailed dimensions of this engine block. I'd sure like to turn off my skepticism and get down to celebrating this newly designed engine.