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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
If not the exact same process, I am sure it is similar to PWTA, yes.

But that does nothing to explain away the fact that we'd still be either looking at only 1.4mm between bores (which is roughly 1/4 of what the GT500 engine has, for example), or we have a brand new BMW engine architecture for the first time in decades. Either would be a huge, shocking surprise as far as I am concerned.

One more thing: in the latter case is true, this engine is not an N55 derivative so why was BMW compelled to call it S55?

I can't make any of this add up in my head. I remain very curious to know the detailed dimensions of this engine block. I'd sure like to turn off my skepticism and get down to celebrating this newly designed engine.
It is impossible to reduce the bore spacings to 1.4mm, so they must have a new bigger pitch.

Regarding the S55 code, and whether it relates to the N55. It is feasible that the intention WAS to use a mildly modified N55, but the M works engineers steered it away during the project??? This is great as it means they did a lot of R&D to effectively produce a 'NEW' engine.