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Originally Posted by racedoc11 View Post
Test drove M6 last year when it first came out. Right away I noticed the active sound and I even told the sales guy who denied that there is an active sound: lol: To be honest it was not that bad but the concept feels fake and not real.
When I buy a performance car I want to hear real engine sound that comes from the engine not from the side doors or the back seat otherwise why the headache!!! I should go get a hybrid and play a Ferrari engine sound track and forget all about performance cars...For me fake is pathetic.
I love people who call it "fake", as others have pointed out thats like saying when you listen to music that isn't live then that is FAKE music...

The sounds (recorded or actual) are from that engine, not "fake". If they are indeed amped in from your actual engine, how is that fake? Those are very real engine sounds

If you simply don't want the engine sounds in your cabin that is a different argument, but to say they aren't real sounds is simply not true.