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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Nothing is inconsistent in this because power and torque have different units and therefore must have different scales. The curves will cross at different points depending on units or not at all. In US units if the dimensions of the units are removed, the curves cross at 5252 rpm.

Now that being said there are inconsistencies with 395 ft lb and 430 hp at 5500 rpm, that point is simply impossible. I think its obvious that when BMW said more than 369 ft lb they were not being inconsistent. ~410 ft lb actual is a much better and self-consistent estimate if ~430 hp is the actual power (i.e. not underrated).
In metric units the lines don't cross as they do at 5252rpm in the imperial system. What CanAutM3 pointed out was that you can't have overlapping max torque and max hp rpm.

In the first post it was claimed from one of the sources that max hp began at 5500rpm while you had max torque until 5700rpm. According to CanAutM3 that can't happen. And the dyno graph backs this up. Max hp starts at 5700rpm, or at the point where torque starts falling off.

Hp and torque also doesn't add up but that makes sense as BMW has said substantially more than 369ft lb, which makes sense.