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A rebuttal from out mystery scientist (in his theatre?)!

"Not claiming to know anything about generalities in engine performance but, by this forum members own formula, torque will increase for a given displacement if the stroke is increased. That formula is just T=F*r*sin(theta), with some extra terms to find force and the moment arm from the stroke and average cylinder pressures.

I see no reason why torque won't increase for a given displacement and more stroke. Just saying."

The displacement of a cylinder is defined by:

D = (B/2)^2 x pi x S

Substituting this in the Torque formula I provided yields:

T=P x D/2 x sin(Teta)

This demonstrates that Torque produced is displacement dependant regardless of bore and stroke

This formula remains theoretical as there many other parameters that impact the torque prodcuced, but proves the concept nonethelss.

(I apologize for the rather unconventional chain of communications)