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Originally Posted by Ezio View Post
couple things i wanna touch here with you.

first of all. there is nothing like taking a high revving motor with a exhaust through the gears while listening to the engine just scream. ever driven a Ferrari before ? go drive one and get back into your modded 335i with a I6 engine. you will find the car lacks in sound and special feel. i think you shouldn't just brush off the S65 like you do. there is still something special there. as a guy who loves the S65, i can still respect modded M4s and 335is for the power. and you should respect the S65 for the sound and high revving nature. both are "cool" in there own way.

honestly have you been around a lot of cars ? like at meets and stuff? do you find your 335i to be a really good sounding motor ? (honest question)

to me if i was going to mod. i would go grab a corvette. make more power cheaper. not to mention the sound.
I agree on the different characters and pros and cons of turbo vs NA.

But I would NEVER choose a Corvette for the sound... Big lazy V8 sounding soundtrack does NOTHING for me on a modern performance car. A Ferrari V8, yes. F10 M5 with cross plane exhaust, yes. Corvette, no. I would choose a F8x with the S55 or a Nissan GT-R anyday over a "good old" V8 if I should make my choice based on sound characteristics

And, yes I think a car like the M135i with the performance exhaust sounds awesome Not as good on high rpm's as a E46 M3 though

Do you really think it's fair to compare the feel of a Ferrari with a 335i??? That's just as unfair as comparing a M5 with a Ferrari F12 or Aston Martin Vanquish, or a M3 with a 458 or Aston Vantage...

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