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Originally Posted by Boss330 View Post
I agree on the different characters and pros and cons of turbo vs NA.

But I would NEVER choose a Corvette for the sound... Big lazy V8 sounding soundtrack does NOTHING for me on a modern performance car. A Ferrari V8, yes. F10 M5 with cross plane exhaust, yes. Corvette, no. I would choose a F8x with the S55 or a Nissan GT-R anyday over a "good old" V8 if I should make my choice based on sound characteristics

And, yes I think a car like the M135i with the performance exhaust sounds awesome Not as good on high rpm's as a E46 M3 though

Do you really think it's fair to compare the feel of a Ferrari with a 335i??? That's just as unfair as comparing a M5 with a Ferrari F12 or Aston Martin Vanquish, or a M3 with a 458 or Aston Vantage...
i think you are very educated with cars. and do respect your view points.

but you live in Europe and maybe grew up there also. i live in and grew up in the US. we are going to have different views on what sounds good. Americans because we are more exposed to different types of cars tend to lhave different views on engines. i know in Europe its hard to get some imported cars like mustangs and corvettes. to me i love the V8 growl. its loud and mean sounding. where a (I6)V6 is ricey and soft sounding.

of course not everyone sees this view. but just wanted to make this point as i feel me and you will ever see eye to eye on exhaust sound. for that reason.