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Why all the debate on F8X Gas Guzzler Tax and MPG, BMW announced the rating right?

Current E9X MPG is 14/20 City HWY for a combined 16 MPG. Gas Guzzler Tax was $1300

BMW has clearly stated a 25% improvement for F8X which translates to 18/25 MPG and a roughly 21 MPG combined is what numbers should be compared to other vehicles with similar ratings when published, unless we were misled or I am missing something.

Considering that combined MPG will be under 22.9 EPA Standard for cars, the F8X WILL have a Gas Guzzler tax but will be less than what was paid for E9X. The Gas Guzzler tax would drop to lowest rate of $1k.

I hate to be the spoiler (self included) but I just don't see how my assumptions based on official BMW statements and EPA standards will be different. There goes my free HK radio upgrade unless hopefully I am proved wrong
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