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Originally Posted by tony20009 View Post
This may be a stupid question, but what are the benefits of EPS? And here's my next stupid question: what's broken about hydraulic steering?
I hate EPS, but it is a little lighter and more efficient (don't have to waste horsepower from the engine spinning the pump).

I think besides fuel savings, one of the primary reasons many cars have gone to EPS is so the cars can still be steered with the engine turned off (Start/Stop systems). This way you can prepare to change course next time you drive away from a stop, etc.

BTW, the best possible power steering is hydraulic where the pump is spun by an electric motor. This provides all the benefits of steering feel with all the efficiency (and ability to steer with engine off) of EPS. It weighs a little more and costs a little more to implement, but EPS is too big a compromise to me. This hybrid system has been used in all the Porsche 997 factory race cars as well as the McLaren 12C.
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