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Originally Posted by Chill72 View Post
It is perfectly feasible to compare the two: both are around the same price, size, and power.

Following your logic M4 can only be compared to another M4.
Actually they are similar in some ways but not all - key area where they are not the same is weight - A U.S. Spec M3 with DCT has a curb weight of 3,595 lbs - vs. Ghibli at 3,992 lbs. That 400 pound weight disadvantage, combined with slight hp disadvantage (425 rated hp vs. 404 hp) - you will see a noticeable performance advantage to the M3/M4.

I agree that the Maserati is obviously more "unique" and will look more luxurious (if you want that) - given the specs I would imagine the M3/M4 will be much more fun to drive and I prefer the muscular, sporty styling better than the "luxurious" styling of the Maserati... all subjective though!