Thread: I'm so screwed.
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I'm so screwed.

Okay. This is it, dealership told me I was moved too far down the line. I have a family, and I only have August to go to a totally crazy road trip without them, and the M4 will not be here till then apparently. Yes, it could work as the daily later, but I've been waiting for years for this, so I'm not going to take something awful for my holiday.

So, specs. Has to be available before August, Power, rwd, manual (this is the deal breaker), and I have eyes.

I stood at the lot full of M5 and M6 models, and those are not the answer. I'm not old enough, and I want to have a fun car, not something to park at the spouses office lot.

Sedan, Symphony, Ake, and the mean folk, go crazy.

I'm desperate.

Wah, STFU, you just make fun of me again. I'm not going anywhere for fun in that Audi.

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