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There is a good option that should work just fine for those worried about material comparability and bedding issues.
For years i ran carbotech Bobcats for the street and
XP10 XP12 and RP2 for the tracks. I don't even bother rebedding after a swap. Hit the track and go. Finally settled on the RP2. When needed I can run the race compounds on the street and the squeeling is generally non existent or minimal.
I have done probably 80+ track days in this manner. Probably over 10 sets of pads. No real issues at all.
I find the street bobcats to be a very low dust pad as well.
Fyi they may not call them bobcats anymore but I believe the pad still exists.

Now I also use pagid greens or yellows on my Porsche gt3 cup race car, mainly due to just always running them and don't want to switch things up. I've been through quite a few sets and like them.

FYI. I may try the pfc 08s just to see how they preform on my new m3 when it gets here. If I can't get them, I'll grab a full set of bobcats and Rp2. I know the Bobcats won't dust bad but I bet the stock ones do.