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So I test drove a Ghibli SQ4 over lunch, and totally disagree on the interior; I find the quality and style much better than the 3 series/F80, even if the F80 has the full leather option; I guess a lot of that is personal preference though. I just felt like I was in a more exotic car overall.
For performance, it's obviously not F80 category, but it's fast "enough" for a DD, which it would be for me. All out performance in a straight line felt like something between a F30 and F80. Steering felt really good to me, MUCH better than my current F30, and similar or better than the F80. Suspension/handling was good as well, not F80, but better than the F30.
I've been planning on ordering a F80 for a while now, but it's going to be hard to pass this one up! I mean a $90,000+ car for under $800/month lease all in?!
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