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Originally Posted by MTastic4 View Post
I had the pleasure (although many would say otherwise) of owning a 2004 Viper Mamba Edition. It was crazy raw power. And that's about But I did have some fun with it, despite it being an uncomfortable, hot hell box and no traction in near sight machine that it was.

I'm assuming you're looking into the latest generation Viper...I've heard they've fixed all of those things and the thing is a total beast...but they still look so uncomfortable.

Drive it back to back between whatever other car(s) you're strongly considering and take it from there.

BTW...I daily drove it for months...I'd advise against it lol
Thanks for the response. How was it on the track? How did it compare vs. ________ car of yours? I'm not planning on dailying. Just a track toy. Most likely I'll buy new or a prev. gen ACR. I want to buy one now while they are still under 100k. Once they go FI, the MSRP will skyrocket (my premonition).
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