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Originally Posted by scottn2retro View Post
Here you can see why we machined out notches in the 'Bat'Leth'. We now have room for the MCS adjustment knobs and the max camber angle on the TC Kline camber plates.
I am definitely stealing this idea!

Btw, there is no room to put anything in the undertray, as far as a NACA duct goes. Here's my routing that I did on Thursday. I need to do something better with the front, but it resulted in noticeably less pad wear on a 95 degree day at the track. (I've been gobbling up Pagid RS29s)

I used my handi-dandy hole punch, and it worked quite well with the stainless hardware... Btw, I get my heat rated ducting from an aircraft supply place for far less than speed shops charge.
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