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Guys, I have a serious issue with RS29 durability in the front.
My rears are still like new, but my second front set is already gone.
The last set of fronts lasted just ca.5-6 hours of (net) track time!!
I am running square 285 micheling cup tires, stock EDC Suspension, SRF fluid. Map 5 JB4, so no crazy power. I consider myself an intermediate skilled driver, but surely have some flaws in techniques here and there.
The two tracks that I drive are Hockenheim and Eurospeedway Lausitzring. Both have 2-3 longer straights with 140-150mph top speed and hard braking.
I always make 1-2 cooldown laps at the end of sessions.
Am I applying the brakes wrong? Is the brake bias to much to the front with square tires? Are the tracks too fast and there is nothing that can be done about it?
I just find it crazy that I have to buy EUR 300 pads every 3rd track day! (by the way the Michelin Cup tires look like >50% after 7-8 trackdays)