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F80 M3 w/ Pure Turbos - Full E85 Custom Bootmod3 Dyno Results - 623whp/612wtq

I had a great time testing several configurations yesterday. Hats off to proTUNING Freaks for creating such an incredible tuning platform. I was able to very quickly flash the car using my iPhone connected to the BM3 agent device and use my MacBook to adjust the tunes as needed. I was able to go through many configurations in a very short time thanks to the efficiency of the Bootmod3 tuning platform.

Now for the results. This is a very conservative reading Dynojet so I have included Stock ZCP baselines in every graph below for delta reference.

Car Details: 2016 F80 M3 ZCP w/ 21k miles

Current mods: Pure Stage 2 Turbos, RK Tunes Intake, BMS CP's, MPI Catless DP's, Torqbyte Meth Controller w/ custom lines and BMS Stealth tank.

I used this same Dyno in February while I still had stock turbos so the first graph below is a comparison of the Stock ZCP tune on Stock turbos vs Pure
Turbos. As you can see, at low stock boost pressures the Pure's aren't really even in their efficiency range yet but still gained 20hp up top where it's expected and didn't lose anything down low.

Now for my test sequence.

I started with < 1 gallon of our crappy NW Florida 93octane pump gas.

1. Graph #1 is Stock ZCP map - Stock Turbos vs Pure turbos on 93pump.
2. Graph #2 is Stock ZCP map on Pure Turbos vs My tune on 93pump with Pure Turbos.
(I was happy that my 93 tune follows the same power curve as stock but just much higher output, this is how it feels on the road as well)

After this we filled with full E85.

3. Graph #3 is Stock ZCP vs Full E85 on stock fuel system only. Pure Turbos 26psi with taper.

Now I turned on my Torqbyte Methanol controller and turned up boost to 28psi with less taper to redline.

4. Graph #4 is Full E85 vs Full E85 + Methanol

5. Finally Graph #5 shows where I started in February with Stock ZCP on Stock turbos vs Today's Pure Turbos full E85 + Meth custom BM3 tune.

Next time I plan to focus more time revising and smoothing the full E85 and E85 + meth maps, there is absolutely much more headroom to push the map with Methanol, I haven't even engaged stage 2 on my meth setup yet!
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