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Originally Posted by nars3000 View Post
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nars3000 If you had to take an educated guess, based on the data, and your insights...what do you believe the odds are of any F8x contracting a SCH during a lifetime? 1:10? 1:100? 1:1,000??

...My guess, based on what I've seen/read/interpret is that there's maybe a 1 in 50 (very rough guesstimate) for a F8x to develop a SCH.
There's not enough data to make an educated guess on this at the moment, so my uneducated guesses are as follows:

1:10000 for stock cars
1:5000 for 450-500whp
1:2500 for 500-550whp
1:1250 for 550+ whp
Thanks NARS. If it's anywhere in between what you and I respectively think- then I have no fear of light tuning, and no desire to do a crank hub "solution".

I'm a big fan of math.


-SCH is 1:100
-SCH repair cost range is $3k-$25k [avg ~$10k?]

THEN the avg SCH repair cost per M owner is about $100 ($10k x 1% = $100)...

Like I said, I'm happy to take that risk over spending $3k on a solution.

***this is just my opinion based on the speculative numbers. Also, I only plan to do a moderate BM3 Tune on 93oct. IF I was going much heavier mods (I.e. new snails, e85, etc.) then that would probably sway me more into thinking about a solution. Again, just my opinions here...
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