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I've had this exact clunking and humming noises coming from the driver side shock tower since I've lowered my car over two years ago. I always thought there was something wrong with my jrz's and tried many things to troubleshoot (no where near to the extent of Racer20 here) checked the installation, reseated and reinstalled the shock many times, checked sway bar end links, tried tightening under load and just learned to deal with it, even though I loathed this noise and issue. To me, it made a fantastic car feel cheap and flawed. This thread and revelation of the underlying cause has given me knew hope!!!! I just checked under my hood to see what type of "mechanism" is used on my vehicle to adjust the steering rack and out of the three listed in this thread , mine is the 17 mm nut variety, 2015 m3 9/2014 build date. For others that are curious about their steering rack adjustment mechanism , you can see it if you look from within the engine bay if you look at it from the correct angle. I stuck my head directly over the driver side shock tower and in between the charge cooler and radiator tank and ifyou look a little to the left, following the steering column, you should be able to see it. It will be blocked by a few hoses but there is a small window where you can see it clearly with a flashlight.