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Originally Posted by abenney View Post
I was looking up M driving school prices and they seem way too steep for a 2-day course. I know that we won't be beating on our cars and we get to drive multiple M cars and all that.

Do we end up learning more driving skills/techniques for the track in the M driving schools or in HPDEs with an instructor? Are the M driving schools worth that much premium over HPDEs? (Factoring in wear/tear and consumables on our own cars when we take it to the track). My goal is to eventually get fast enough to run in the red/advanced run groups. (And not do pro racing/instructing)
Spend the money on seat time with instructed HPDE organizations. Also worth asking yourself why or what it is about the red/advanced run group that's the goal?

Got out on the track. You'll love it! Be forewarned it'll ruin regular cruising...
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