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Originally Posted by conradb View Post
Uh, what? It sounds like you're confusing torque and HP.
I fear it's my insufficient skill in english language, not confusion of torque and power.

Originally Posted by conradb View Post
The S65 engine will produce a max of 295ft-lbs of torque. 40% more at the optimal point in the torque power band would make it 413ft-lbs. This is more than reasonable with a turbo-charged high performance engine.
The article quotes Biermann the s55 to have 40% more torque at 7500rpm than the s65. This would be very good, because at 7500rpm the s65 produces about 375Nm ~ 275.7ft-lbs of torque, so the s55 would produce ~386ft-lbs, which translates at 7500rpm to ~552hp.

Originally Posted by conradb View Post
As an owner of a E92 M3, I can tell you the S65 produces shit for torque at 2k rpm. It really likes to rev high, not low. I don't know the exact number, but if the S55 is 70% higher at 2k rpm than the S65, that's more than believable.
Unfortunately, I'm no e9x owner, but I did have a very nice trip in the alps and on the bavarian autobahn with a e92 M3, so I know what you are talking about. But, at 2000rpm, the s65 only produces 170Nm (125ft-lbs) of torque, while the s55 seems to produce already max torque of 560Nm (412ft-lbs). That's about 230% more, not just 70%, as quoted in the article.

I hope I made myself understandable this time.