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Originally Posted by Roki_014 View Post
i am sorry but which performance are you referring too, current mustang 5.0 has same performance as the current m3 and its 25-30k cheaper, i am just saying, i am a BMW fan too but come on, everyone here is OMG car is soo good to me it looks like an overpriced m-sport model w quad exhaust thats 10-20k more than a regular 3 or 4 series,remember its Marketing now not Motorsport
The 5.0 doesn't have nearly the amount of R&D as the M3 nor is it manufactured with the same quality of parts the M3 has. In the hands of most journalist to race car driver Randy Prost, who does reviews for motor trend, on Willow Springs raceway the two are very close. Compare the two on the Nurburgring, where the M3 is developed, and they don't compare. Fun fact, the S65 was designed from the F1 V8 BMW ran in their racecar. Can Ford say that about the "coyote" motor in the 5.0? There is your 20-30K difference.