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Originally Posted by guarnibl View Post
Has anyone here actually driven an F8X with CCB's and without CCB's and felt the difference in stopping power between the two? How is it? Also, how's the pedal feel between the two?

The two big things for me for PCCB's were:

1) Pedal feel

2) Brake dust (or lack thereof)

I've heard the steel brakes on the F82 are good (much better than E92) so I'm not too worried, though intrigued by the possibility of the CCB's having a better pedal feel and no brake dust (was nice on the TTS). I just don't think it's likely to warrant an increase of $145/month over 36 months [ [ $8100 x .62 ] / 36 ] * 1.039.

yes i have back to back.

actually with emergency braking engaging abs i feel the ceramics actually take longer to stop the car than the steels. i want to have another go and get some measurements but the ceramics felt like they were glazed. maybe it was just the car i was in at the time. abused pool car at spratanburgh.

on the track when i got to check them out i noticed no difference in brake fade resistance. pedal modulation was excellent and consistent on both throughout the sessions.

brake dust much less ceramic to steel with oem pads. go to ceramic pad for steel rotors and you will reduced quite a bit of the dust. ceramics still dust, just not as prolific as the oem steel pads.
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