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It actually does not seem so strange to me that the M4 and M6 would get the CF roof while the M3 and M5 would not. This would be exactly as it was last generation (where the M4 was still the M3 Coupe of course, and there were no GCs yet).

If they do indeed give the M3 the CF roof it would seem to signal that they are taking every last measure to reduce weight for the F8x. I would also guess that the sunroof option may retain the CF roof perhaps. Furthermore, I would not be surprised either if the CF roof became a BMW commodity sooner than later, gracing perhaps every one of the upcoming G generation cars except the 1 and 2 possibly.

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I hear what you're saying and thought the exact same way until we snapped these pics. We shall see although it seems strange to give it to the GC but not the F80 (or the F10 for the matter) at least as an option.